Discovery Center

Peacock + Lewis and the Ginn Company worked together on a number of projects at the Tesoro Club in Port St. Lucie. The two-story amenity headquarters office building designed in the Mediterranean style was built just as the Ginn Development Company was breaking ground on the Tesoro Club Community. Named Tesoro Discovery Center, the office building was designed and built as the welcome center to the community and the corporate offices for the Ginn Development Company. The building's grand atrium was used as the entry lobby greeting potential buyers and visitors.

The lower level housed Tesoro media room and sales center in addition to the Ginn Development staff offices. The upper level spaces include a corporate suite executive offices overlooking the atrium, and a private conference room in the tower. Custom furnishings and detailing of millwork were designed with specific functions and aesthetics in mind setting the expectations for the potential buyers for the club amenities and homes.