Restaurant & Bar

The highly anticipated, first U.S. outpost of Novikov Restaurant and Bar features a Chinese-Japanese cuisine in a glamorous and high-energy setting in Miami, Florida.

The Novikov Restaurant owners were interested in expanding their brand into the Miami, Florida market at a third international location. Other restaurant offerings in Dubai and London compliments the Russian locations. Market analysis uncovered a spectacular comer site in South Miami on Key Biscayne Boulevard with views of the water. The design team of Peacock+ Lewis Architects of North Palm Beach and Tihany Design in New York as well as culinary, lighting and sound specialists to create the unique signature experience of Novikov.

Fresh seafood, sushi and international culinary offering are trademarks of the Novikov brand.

The bar was designed to integrate the dining room while being a focal point for the entire dining experience. This location is also a prime spot for outdoor seating on a terrace that has views of the water with pedestrian traffic. Plans included a 65-foot opening wall to engage the terrace with the dining room.