Boca Raton, Florida

Broken Sound Club

John Crean's Office

The office was designed to capture the executive’s high energy, love for art and European design style. The leadership qualities of the general manager were the main criteria for choosing the design elements. Reclaimed wood hardwood flooring, natural fiber wallpapers and tree root plank for conference table were a few of the elements selected to reflect the executive’s unique style and energy. The office is designed as a beautiful frame to showcase the colorful oversized canvas artwork throughout the space.

The art element is introduced at the entry door with two hand painted glass panels by Alex Turco installed as sidelights. The overall color scheme is based on a very rich and chic tone of rustic black. The Ralph Lauren Home desk is positioned in the middle of the office giving it center stage. The sophisticated lines of the desk are balanced by a slab root table top from Phillips Collections. The rich tones are the backdrop for the oversized artwork to pop and make a statement once you are inside the office. The conference table is itself a sculptural piece, unique in its shape and grain. Rough on the edges but elegant and rich in color it makes a strong statement. Decorative light fixtures are used above the conference table to simulate the movement of light and air.