Muirfield Village Golf Club | Columbus Biz Insider | May, 2013

"Muirfield Village Golf Club tees up clubhouse expansion"

Muirfield Village Golf Club tees up clubhouse expansion, renovation Finishing touches of the clubhouse renovation project were being done in mid-May. Nicholas LaRocca only a few words to sum up the changes made at Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin since the end of the Memorial Tournament a year ago. “It’s a different place,” said the private club’s general manager and chief operating officer. It was a reference to sweeping renovations and additions at the 38-year-old clubhouse, now connected to a new building with ground-level suites set above the 18th green and upper-level patios with a vista on the Jack Nicklaus -designed golf course. And a new fitness facility for Muirfield members is a short walk away. Add it up, LaRocca said, and it amounts to about 56,000 square feet of new space at Muirfield and a big change in what visitors will see when Memorial Tournament week begins May 27 and the Presidents Cup is played in October.

The project has been driven by the visions of Nicklaus and his wife, Barbara. LaRocca said they decided it was time to change the club’s 1970s California-style architecture and add amenities.

“They are passionate about this place,” LaRocca said, adding the couple has been heavily involved in guiding the project.

Muirfield Village representatives won’t disclose the cost, but it is clearly a multimillion-dollar project given is scope.

For example, a 15,000-square-foot addition to the clubhouse includes a covered outdoor dining area overlooking the 18th green and clock tower likely to become a Muirfield Village icon. Inside, the club’s formal dining room has been converted to a cozier area dubbed the Mixed Grill, and all the ceilings have mahogany coffers.

The 24,000-square-foot building adding the suites will connect the clubhouse to the Muirfield Village Pavilion. It has six suites for members and an open upper level offering views of the golf course.

The 6,000-square-foot fitness center includes aerobic and weight-training equipment, space for exercise classes and locker rooms for members. It is part of a 17,000-square-foot building whose lower level is used for golf cart and bag storage as well as the caddie room.

From an architectural standpoint, the goal was to create a timeless design, one in tune with Midwest traditions, said Peacock & Lewis Architects and Planners Inc. principal Brian Idle, whose Florida firm handled the work. Some of the features include shed dormers, chimneys, columns, sandstone walls and shake shingles on roofs, a Muirfield Village hallmark.

“We wanted to give it a strong residential character – a very warm and comfortable quality,” Idle said. “It’s something that should never go out of style.”

Peacock & Lewis, which has done design work for the Nicklaus family for 40 years, considered the project a “tremendous opportunity to work on such an iconic property,” Idle said.

“It will be in the national and international spotlight with the Memorial and Presidents Cup coming up,” he said. “We wanted to make sure we put our best foot forward.”