Sarasota Yacht Club | Design Solutions | June, 2011

"Fine Woodworking Helps Yacht Club Sail Away in Luxury"

Sarasota Yacht Club

Established in 1926, the Sarasota Yacht Club is a founding member of the Florida Council of Yacht Clubs and serves more than 500 members.When members decided a new clubhouse was needed, the club's history was to be a critical component in the design.The membership was polled and voted for a coastal contemporary design style that meets the active needs of the membership and gives a nod to the rich history of yachting.

Peacock + Lewis Interior Design, North Palm Beach, was contracted to provide the design for the new, 23,000 square foot club. The historical touch was covered through the use of custom architectural woodwork, fabricated and installed by Angelo Tumminaro Cabinet and Millwork, Inc., an AWI member firm located in Sarasota.

The design begins with a strong yacht statement, with a compass rose inset into the blue terrazzo floor at both the bayside and street side entrance. The grand lobby features a striking wood floor in the shape and style of a classic Teak and Holly board deck. Lobby walls are detailed with horizontal Maple veneer panels reminiscent of a ship’s hull.

The 20-foot by 90-foot long main lobby is bordered by 12 towering, 26-foot-high sequenced and end- matched select White Maple veneered columns, stained a teak shade, reports Angelo Tumminaro. Columns are boldly crowned with a contemporary three-sided, 2.5-inch-wide triple tiered stainless steel and wood capital, and draw your eye upward to the 14-foot bubble glass chandeliers.

On the seaboard side of the lobby stands an exquisitely Maple paneled curvilinear reception desk with A matching one-inch-thick Maple veneer transaction top.

Furnishings are covered in white leather, accented with red and blue fabrics. Contemporary artwork complements the size and style of the grand lobby. As Susan Bartin, ASID of Peacock + Lewis explains, “There is no question you have entered a prestigious yacht club.”

In an adjacent room overlooking the boat slips on Sarasota Bay, just off the lobby, is the club’s crown jewel, the Neptune Lounge, the focus of which is a U-shaped bar. “The Neptune Bar cre- ates a cozy fireside experience,” notes Bardin. “One wall is of curved glasswhile the interior wall is detailed with the same ship hull panels as found in the lobby. The book matched Maple veneer bar holds three flat screen TVs located inside the soffit to provide viewing for bar patrons but shielded from the casual seating within the rest of the lounge.”

“As if docked in its own boat slip, with its finely crafted two-sided open display cabinet housing two stacked, curved, horizontal stainless steel rods following its circumference, the bar embellishes the tasteful elements of a ship’s bow,” adds Tumminaro.

Another detail of this bar worthy of note, he continues, are eight three- piece, angular Maple outrigger assem- blies wrapped in both hardwood and veneer.

On the other side of the club, the Porthole Bar overlooks the pool deck and is designed in a sweeping S curve with a seamless stainless steel serpen- tine foot rail and post mounted glass shelves.The back bar has base cabinets and teak stained Maple panels that reach to the soffit. Maple trim is used throughout the club to frame entries, for crown moulding and base.

The outside covered patio walk is shaded by a 12-foot wide overhang divided into 19 sections. Each of the recessed ceiling sections is covered in exterior, waterproof, grooved select Bald Cypress paneling. Numerous cut- outs in the overhang, for ceiling fans, lights and speakers were required, explains Tumminaro.

The fitness center and men’s and women’s locker rooms are designed with a spa color palette to reflect the color of the pool and the bay. Glass doors and Bamboo veneer are used to keep this healthy contemporary space fresh and clean. Complementing the locker room is an L-shaped matching wall mounted vanity assembly with Bamboo veneer/hardwood edged faces with vertical mounted stainless pulls.

The Honors Gallery runs along the front of the building.The gallery is a tribute to the endeavors, successes and trophies of the club.Trophies and memorabilia are proudly displayed in custom fabricated cases, five feet long by seven feet high. Each case features a warm teak-stained veneered interior and tempered glass shelves.

Many discrete elements support the coastal style and history of yacht- ing. Light fixtures above the reception desk look like deck prisms.The dining rooms can be separated by moveable partitions. Each section has a “school of fish” chandelier in the center of a wood-trimmed coffered ceiling. Both the wall to the kitchen and the move- able partitions are dressed with Maple trim and acoustic fabric

“We were pleased to work with Angelo Tumminaro Cabinet and Millwork,” summarizes Bardin. “Their team clearly takes pride in their work and goes the extra mile to make sure the visions of the design team come to fruition.”

Angelo Tumminaro Cabinet and Millwork “made extra efforts to enact site modifications, maintain a tight sched- ule and meet the high quality demands of our exclusive membership,” notes Kay Goodman, Sarasota Yacht Club Commodore.

We helped the project team meet budget during the bid process by rec- ommending hardware options and material choices, most notable the switch from Teak to plain sliced Maple both in veneer and hardwood,” says

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