The Breakers HMF | Luxury Travel Magazine | May, 2013

"HMF at The Breakers Debuts as the Modern Palm Beach Cocktail Party"

An exciting new drinking and dining experience has crowned the Palm Beach scene.

HMF, located at The Breakers Palm Beach, introduces a thrilling and refreshing new take on the alluring, classic Palm Beach cocktail culture -- a destination for modern ‘social drinking and eating’ unlike any other on the island, and unlike any hotel lobby bar in the U.S.

In a setting drenched in timeless American glamour and the cool of modern nostalgia, HMF restores the social rituals of cocktail culture in a lively, high-style atmosphere. Internationally-renowned hospitality designer Adam D. Tihany (Per Se, Restaurant Daniel, Le Cirque 2000, MO Bar London), acting as design consultant to Peacock + Lewis Architects, was enlisted by The Breakers Palm Beach to re-imagine the resort’s historic Florentine Room as a contemporary, Palm Beach cocktail soirée, an artful blend of high life, then and now. “The nostalgia and the glamour of yesteryear are quite en vogue, while palates continue to become more sophisticated,” said Tihany. “We conceived HMF to be an open, interactive arena of decadent delights, and to cultivate a distinctly social, dynamic and inviting environment for the resort’s savvy clientele.”

Named for The Breakers’ founder Henry Morrison Flagler, HMF is where those who appreciate the art and intimacy of an exhilarating cocktail party can satisfy their discerning appetites for sensational food and drink in unexpectedly fresh ways. Its extensive menus feature an innovative take on sharing plates representing a variety of authentic, globally inspired cuisines, with focus on the freshest, seasonal ingredients incorporating organic and locally sourced items; handcrafted, rave-worthy cocktails ranging from the vintage to the experimental; and an award-winning, 40-plus page wine list with more than 1,600 varietals from around the globe – Bordeaux to Burgundies, Riojas to sakes, carefully curated by The Breakers’ master sommeliers – all designed to surprise and delight the senses. Inspiration is effusive behind the bars, in the wine displays and the theatre-style kitchen, thanks to esteemed master sommelier, Virginia Philip, and newly minted HMF chef Joey Tuazon (formerly of Acqua at the Four Seasons Miami) working with resort executive chef Anthony Sicignano and director of restaurant development Bill Lalor.

HMF guests are tended by an engaging, highly intuitive team, each skilled in the art of cocktail culture and stylishly dressed in striking, custom-tailored attire. Vibrant music galvanizes the mood, with HMF’s own music and entertainment director, Kirill Basov, who crafts and spins custom playlists and eclectic blends, and heightens the interactivity of the guest experience so that everyone feels connected to the scene. A Cigarette Girl, inspired by the social theatre and atmosphere of cocktail clubs of the 50s and 60s, moves through HMF nightly offering various tastings of specialty items for sale…an aperitif, culinary sampling or dessert...or to take guest photos or offer a whimsical surprise, all to enhance the HMF experience.

Tastes and Sips / A Sampling of Signature Drinks and Sharing Plates

Signature cocktails with innovative twists, featuring home-made ingredients, mixers and sodas … Railcar #91 features Courvoisier VSOP, fresh lemon juice, local honey and orange foam; the classic Daiquiri with Bacardi rum and home-made lime cordial; the GT our version of the classic gin and tonic infused with rosemary and Kirby cucumber; Chanel #6 with champagne, vodka, Chambord and pineapple juice; the Grand Mimosa, a luxe turn on a Breakers’ historic favorite but made with fresh-squeezed, local Florida oranges and a splash of Grand Marnier…

Wine selections from all over the world...from Australia to France, Italy to South America, Spain and Portugal to Israel and Lebanon, Germany, Austria and Greece…with a master sommelier presiding to share insights and recommendations on bottles or exceptional wine-by-the-glass offerings, to enjoy on its own or to pair brilliantly with sharing plates…

Savory sharing plates…an informal and inventive menu draws from global cuisine, seasonal eating and the gourmet food truck movement…Warm Onion and Reggiano Dip, House Made Fingerling Chips; Wood Roasted Asparagus and Burrata;; Orecchiette, Duck Sausage and Wild Mushrooms; Churrasco Steak Chimichurri; Lamb Meatballs, Spanish Mole, Wood Roasted Peppers; Chicken Albondigas Tacos...

Full spectrum of craft beers, including two local breweries such as Florida Lager and Orange Blossom Pilsner, to complement with HMF’s food items or enjoyed on their own…

For oenophiles, the main attraction is the stunning Wine Wall, a 3,000-bottle showcase of The Breakers’ 28,000-bottle collection. Made of polished stainless steel and clear glass, the Wine Wall was designed to exquisitely contrast with the room’s original architecture. Tihany conceived this Wine Wall as a Master Sommelier’s dream, satisfying the resort’s two such certified wine experts, Virginia Philip and Juan Gomez, who carry the legacy of Wine Spectator’s Grand Award since its inception in 1981. In addition, a premium collection of cigars, housed in a Tihany-designed custom humidor of clear glass with ribbon mahogany, are available to enjoy just outside HMF in the Mediterranean Courtyard or on the Seawall while enjoying ocean breezes.

More than just a founder’s moniker, HMF pays homage to legendary railroad and oil magnate Flagler, developer of the resort town of Palm Beach and much of Florida (circa 1890s and early 20th century). He originally built The Breakers in 1896 and set it on its path to modernity as a one-of-a-kind classic – one that would always appeal to the “jet set” of the times. HMF appeals to the same luxury-lifestyle audience of today, who covet social connection and unique aesthetic experiences that contrast with their highly digitized and impersonal world.

While known primarily for its nightlife, HMF is also a versatile, day-to-evening destination. Opening at 2:00pm Monday through Saturday, it entices guests to enjoy a great respite over delectable, light refreshments and a full beverage menu, as well as Afternoon Tea. The full food & beverage menu is available daily from 5:00pm until midnight, with HMF open until 1:00am.