Key Largo Anglers Club

Clubhouse Rebuild


Peacock + Lewis

Interior Architecture:
Peacock + Lewis

FF&A Design:
Peacock + Lewis

Vilar Hoynack Construction

19,286 sq. ft.

$7.5 million

Completion Date:
December 2019



  • 2021 ASID Design Excellence Award for Historic Preservation
  • 2020 C+RB Top Innovator for Staff Housing


Twenty-eight years ago, Hurricane Andrew changed the way of life in South Florida. Key Largo Anglers Club, which was established in the 1920’s and designated in 1993 as a “Historic and Cultural Landmark” by the Historic Florida Keys Preservation Board, faced a crossroads like many properties in Monroe County. At that time, the choice was made to rebuild, and those members involved chose to dig out, rebuild and persevere. Recently, Hurricane Irma was a reminder of how fragile this paradise is and at any moment the best intentions to preserve the past can be wiped away by the forces of nature. As preparation is made for the next storm, the Fishing Camp faces another threat less violent but equally as challenging – The Winds of Change.

Hospitality amenities across America are reimagining, remodeling, rebuilding, and redefining who they are in order to be relevant to future generations of patrons. Stayed tradition is giving way to new experiences. The Fishing Camp rehabilitation and expansion prepares for the next storms coming, preserving, and telling the story of its past while preparing for a bright future.

The project’s guiding principles envision a vibrant and successful Fishing Camp, which maintains the history, heritage, and traditions of the past for generations to come. In order to keep the story alive and preserve its rich history, the perimeter of the clubhouse was fortified, protecting the original lodge much like the previous renovation did post-Hurricane Andrew. This current improvement plan finds the right balance of preservation and modernization, holding on to the past while moving forward to protect our future.

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