Peacock + Lewis Renews Its Commitment to Advancing Golf’s Architectural Excellence through its Merit Leadership Sponsorship of ASGCA

NORTH PALM BEACH, Fla., (January 17, 2024) — Peacock + Lewis, an acclaimed master planning, architecture, and interior design firm that has been serving the private club and golf industry for more than 60 years, is pleased to announce the continuation of its Merit Leadership Sponsorship of the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA), reaffirming its dedication to fostering the growth and advancement of the game of golf.

Since 2015, Peacock + Lewis has been a proud supporter of the ASGCA, an association that plays a pivotal role in promoting professionalism among its members—world-class golf course architects. This partnership reflects Peacock + Lewis’ belief in the importance of promoting the highest standards in golf course architecture and supporting the ASGCA’s efforts in education, promotion, and fellowship among its esteemed members.

“This partnership is a testament to our commitment to supporting ASGCA’s members’ efforts to achieve design excellence on the golf course while we strive to craft designs for the clubhouse and other club amenities that seamlessly enhance the overall golfing experience,” said Brian Idle, AIA, Peacock + Lewis CEO. “Working together allows us to deliver a harmonious blend of innovative course design and exceptional clubhouse architecture that best serves the golfer.”

The ASGCA is dedicated to enhancing the professionalism of its members through ongoing education, promotion, and fostering fellowship among the world’s leading golf course architects. Through this collaboration, Peacock + Lewis aims to contribute to the ASGCA’s goal of supporting design excellence, ensuring that golf courses meet the highest standards in terms of technical prowess, strategic layout, and aesthetic appeal.

“ASGCA is grateful for the continued support of Peacock + Lewis,” ASGCA President Mike Benkusky said. “Their support over the past decade has been invaluable as we seek to provide our members with education, knowledge and business information that leads to better design for golf facilities around the world. The Peacock + Lewis team continues to make a positive impact on ASGCA and the golf industry.”

In renewing this sponsorship, Peacock + Lewis looks forward to continuing its collaboration with the ASGCA in promoting excellence in golf course and clubhouse architecture.

About Peacock + Lewis

Peacock + Lewis Architects and Planners is an esteemed master planning, architecture, and interior design firm, specializing in crafting bespoke hospitality and club amenities. As an integral part of the ClubWorks Network of Excellence, the firm has garnered accolades and forged enduring client relationships through its tailored solutions for each client.

With its roots tracing back to 1961 on the Island of Palm Beach, Peacock + Lewis operates from its South Florida base, with offices in North Palm Beach and Naples serving as a resource to the highest concentration of top-tier private clubs worldwide. The firm prides itself on its strong commitment to client satisfaction, underpinned by a successful team approach, culture, and value system.

Whether embarking on long-term campus master planning, specific club and recreational amenity improvements, or re-imagining the architecture and interior design of existing spaces, Peacock + Lewis customizes its offerings to align seamlessly with the unique needs of its clients.

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About the American Society of Golf Course Architects (ASGCA)

Founded in 1946 by Donald Ross, Robert Trent Jones and 12 other leading architects, the American Society of Golf Course Architects is a non-profit organization comprising experienced golf course designers located throughout North America. Members have completed a rigorous application process that includes the peer review of representative golf courses. ASGCA members are able to counsel in all aspects of golf course design and remodeling and include many of the great talents throughout the golf industry.

For more information about ASGCA, including a current list of members, visit or call (262) 786-5960.