Char Burke

Purchasing Agent
Team Member Since 2012

Peacock + Lewis Role
Char Burke is a dedicated and valued member of the interior design team, serving as the Interior Design Purchasing Agent. With over a decade of experience with the firm, Char has played an instrumental role in the successful execution of numerous interior design projects.

Prior Experience
Char’s prior experience has always been in the country club arena, beginning as a legal secretary for a noted boutique law firm in Boca Raton serving the club industry. Following her law firm days, Char moved into the role of personal assistant to the President of Ernie Els Design, handling everything from A to Z for Ernie’s design executives. She was also instrumental as project manager for the design and build of Ernie’s corporate office in Jupiter, Florida.

Certifications & Recognitions
Char is recognized as a reliable and efficient professional, responsible for managing the procurement process, ensuring that all necessary materials, furniture, fixtures, and equipment are sourced and delivered on time and within budget.

Personal Life
A mother of two grown daughters, Char enjoys spending time at the beach and walking her dog Baby.