Dan Johnston

Project Manager
Team Member Since 2017

Peacock + Lewis Role
Dan is a valuable addition to Peacock + Lewis.  His extensive expertise, creative sensibilities, and diligence contribute significantly to the firm’s success. His expertise is crucial in providing valuable insights and guidance to clients, while creative sensibilities bring fresh perspectives and innovative solutions. Dan’s diligence ensures he approaches his work with thoroughness and attention to detail, which is essential in the architectural profession.  His skills and qualities positively impact Peacock + Lewis and its clients.

Prior Experience
Daniel Johnston’s multiple years of experience in architectural practice are impressive. With this wealth of experience, he deeply understands all aspects of professional architectural services and project management.  His diverse background in residential, commercial, and amenities projects means he has worked across various sectors and is well-versed in the unique requirements of each.

From the initial stages of conceptual project design, Daniel has the expertise to collaborate with clients and translate their visions into viable architectural solutions.  He is familiar with the complexities of developing construction documents, ensuring that all necessary details are accurately documented for all the construction phases.

Additionally, Daniel’s involvement in construction administration and project close-out phases demonstrates his commitment to overseeing projects from start to finish.  This comprehensive approach ensures that the final result aligns with the initial design intent and meets and exceeds the client’s expectations.

Daniel Johnston’s extensive experience equips him with the skills and knowledge to successfully navigate the architectural process, from the early stages of design to the final stages of construction.

Certifications & Recognitions
Daniel’s bachelor’s degree from the University of North Carolina gives him a solid foundation in architecture and related fields. Continuing his education, he pursued coursework toward his Master’s in architecture at the University of South Florida School of Architecture and Community Design.  This indicates his commitment to furthering his knowledge and skills in the architectural field, focusing on advanced concepts and specialized areas within architecture.

Furthermore, Daniel’s associate degree in Web Design and Development from Southwest Florida College showcases his versatility and ability to adapt to emerging technologies.  This additional qualification adds value in today’s digital landscape, where web design and development play a significant role in architectural presentations, online portfolios, and client communication.

Overall, Daniel’s combination of academic achievements in architecture, along with his web design and development background, enhances his abilities to effectively communicate and present architectural projects in various mediums, both traditional and digital.  His educational pursuits demonstrate his dedication to continuous learning and staying updated with industry trends and technologies, providing the best outcome for the client.

Personal Life
I’ve had a warm and fulfilling personal life.  I’m a kind, generous and attentive person who loves spending time with friends and family.  Growing up in upstate New York and later moving to North Carolina and Florida gave me diverse experiences and a broad perspective.  Exploring new places and cultures is exciting, and I look forward to establishing new friendships.

Having a wife who supports and shares the same values is fantastic; she is a Business Finance Loan Broker.  We have been married for a few years and have stepchildren whom I love, and I am very proud of our family bond and my role in their lives. We both work hard and have fulfilling and balanced lives, and we often like a lazy weekend afternoon watching Netflix and playing board games