Francis Lussier

Project Architect
Team Member Since 2015

Peacock + Lewis Role
Francis Lussier is a Project Architect for Peacock + Lewis and a registered architect with over 25 years of experience in the related field of architectural design. Francis possesses a solid background in a wide variety of award-winning projects, including planning and design of world-class clubhouse facilities and multifaceted hospitality projects. As a valued team member, Francis has a proven ability to communicate effectively with his clients and is recognized for his creativity and problem-solving techniques.

Certifications & Recognitions
Francis is a graduate of Montana State University with both a Bachelors’s and Masters’s of Architecture and the architect of record for a variety of award-winning projects including Ocean Reef Club, High Ridge Country Club, and John’s Island Club during his tenure with P+L.

Personal Life
In his free time, Francis enjoys tennis, keeping up his NCAA Division I skills, traveling, mentoring young architects and volunteering with the Palm Beach Chapter and state level of the American Institute of Architects (AIA).