Jess Poore

Associate I
Team Member Since 2024

Peacock + Lewis Role
Jess Poore became an Associate I at Peacock + Lewis in 2024 after earning her Master’s Degree in Architecture. She is responsible for various architectural design tasks for moderately sized and complex projects.

Prior Experience
Before joining Peacock + Lewis, Jess worked on designing high-end residential estates in Florida, including Jupiter Island, Palm Beach Island, and Lost Tree Village. Her upbringing surrounded by art and design inspired her passion for creating the perfect spaces for clients, leading her to become an interior architect.

Certifications & Recognitions
Jess received her Master’s Degree in Architecture with Merit from The Manchester School of Architecture in England. During her studies abroad, she traveled around Europe, learning about different design histories and cultures, which influenced her architectural style. Prior to that, she obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture with Honors from the University of Central Florida. Jess also served as a teacher’s assistant for the design studios at UCF and had multiple award-winning projects featured in the campus architecture display.

Personal Life
In her leisure time, Jess enjoys paddle boarding, traveling, and spending time with her golden retriever. She has also completed multiple triathlons and continues to train on the weekends.