Kayla Infante

Office Manager
Team Member Since 2022

Peacock & Lewis Role
As Office Manager of the Peacock + Lewis Naples office, Kayla plays a vital role in coordinating and facilitating day-to-day operations. Whether it’s managing schedules, organizing meetings and events, maintaining office supplies, or liaising with external stakeholders, she demonstrates exceptional organizational skills and attention to detail. Her ability to prioritize tasks and solve problems efficiently helps create a productive and harmonious work environment.

Prior Experience
Prior to moving to Naples, Florida, Kayla pursued a career in real estate and residential home remodeling, as well as new construction, where she found her passion for design and business management.

Certifications & Recogitions
Kayla is currently pursuing her Bachelor of Business Administration and holds multiple licenses in both real estate and insurance.

Personal Life
Aside from being an avid outdoorswoman, Kayla is also passionate about fitness, health, and self-development. She finds peace in nature and cherishes time with her puppy Roscoe.