Ken Hart

Architect - Managing Director
Team Member Since 2019

Peacock + Lewis Role
Kenneth Hart has over 30 years of experience in architectural practice, with a primary concentration on hospitality design and working with private clubs with a membership-driven process. Ken brings an energetic attitude, coupled with creative sensibilities and an impressive resume to Peacock + Lewis which makes him an invaluable team member as Director of Architecture for the P+L Naples office. He has excelled at creating contextual design and understanding the language of existing architecture to create seamless additions and renovations to historic structures and clubs of distinction. As a contextualist, Ken has a firm belief that all projects should fit seamlessly within the context of the existing environment or design vocabulary which is evident in his initial design sketches for every project.

Prior Experience
As a licensed architect, licensed interior designer, and landscape designer, Ken brings an integrated and holistic understanding to each project, from initial planning through construction and the continued stewardship of each project.

Certifications & Recognitions
Many of Ken’s projects have been awarded Clubhouse of the Year and Club Renovation of the Year by industry publications that include Golf Inc, Board Room Magazine, Club + Resort Business, and professional organizations.  He has also authored over 750 historic structures on the National Register in the 1913 Frederick Law Olmstead planned neighborhood of Guilford that seamlessly integrated the use of parks, public spaces, and well-proportioned structures that contributed to one of the greatest neighborhoods in the country and laboratory of architectural design.

Personal Life
Ken is an avid runner, golfer, and pickleball player who enjoys the outdoors.