Kirkman Hice

Senior Mechanical Engineering
Team Member since 2024

Peacock + Lewis Role
Kirkman Hice is a senior mechanical engineering designer at Peacock + Lewis Engineering in the North Palm Beach office. Dedicated to serving clients with his expertise and experience, his logic-oriented approach to producing functional and practical designs uses foresight and creativity to engineer technical designs that focus on efficiency and longevity.

Prior Experience
Having grown up with a father in the engineering field, Kirkman has been interested in the STEM field for the entirety of his life. Being located in North Carolina, the east coast was the perfect jumping off point to explore many different industries. Kirkman has experience in maintenance and reliability engineering, manufacturing, automation and controls, boatbuilding and sportfishing yacht design, mechanical and electrical design, and construction. Kirkman has worked on projects of all types and scales that include nautical, industrial, commercial, mixed-use, residential, and chemical projects. All these prior experiences culminate in a unique skill set that further assists the P+L engineering team in their pursuit of excellence through design.

Certifications & Recognitions
Kirkman holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from North Carolina State University and an EI certificate from NCEES. Kirkman also maintains a USCG OUPV and carries a TWIC clearance for work on transportation/infrastructure projects within the United States.

Personal Life
Kirkman is an avid freediver, captain, and spearfisherman. He is a passionate adventurer and enjoys traveling to the world’s most remote locations. In his free time, he can almost always be found on or in the water somewhere.