Nick Blasey

Team Member Since 2023

Peacock + Lewis Role
Nick Blasey is a fresh and dynamic talent poised to make his mark in the world of architecture. As a recent graduate, Nick brings a wealth of enthusiasm, creativity, and a thirst for knowledge to his budding architectural career. He joined Peacock + Lewis in 2023 as an Associate.

Prior Experience
As a recent entrant into the field of Architecture, Nick’s journey is just beginning. Armed with a master’s degree in architecture and a passion for design, Nick is ready to embark on his professional journey. His academic journey has not only equipped him with a solid foundation in architectural theory and practice but has also instilled in him a keen eye for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Certifications & Recogitions
Nick graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree cum laude and a Master of Architecture from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. His academic background provided a strong foundation and is supported by his dedication to collaborate with seasoned Peacock + Lewis professionals. Nick is committed to continuous learning and growth in this dynamic field.

Personal Life
Nick is a passionate traveler, avid soccer and football fan, and an enthusiastic golfer. Traveling broadens Nick’s horizons, while sports fuel his competitive spirit. For him golf is the perfect combination of strategy and relaxation.